SKY SQUAD, is the Perfect Partner to have in the expansive Aerospace Industry.  We Provide aircraft Tires, GSE Tires, Specialty & Heavy duty Tires, GSEs, Batteries, Filters, Engine Parts & Components, Rotable Parts and many more items to service aviation companies including commercial airlines, MROs, Ground Handling Companies etc.

“What you need even on AOG, we will have it and deliver to you.”

About Us

A team associated formerly with the Aviation decided to hook up in the business that may create useful opportunities for the aviation market concentrating the gap of real time vendors for the market in the growing sense of aviation sector.   Especially to cut-off delivery times during AOG and Critical requirements.

We at SKY SQUAD pride ourselves in the quality of products.   Our core business objective is to become prominent and renowned Vendor for the TYRES & GSE Products, Brand New, Used, Refurbished etc., ensuring all Products shall come with appropriate Certifications, Warranty and Technical data.

Our Pride stands because we do not only sell or supply and handover goods & products to our Clients but also provide them timely, meaningful and suitable support and back sharing technical details with synchronized materials.

Besides at SKY SQUAD we endeavor to offer most competitive Prices for all range of our Products.

“ We are not satisfied until you, the customer, is satisfied.”

“We at SKY SQUAD focus on Customer’s Priority”

Quality Policy

SKY SQUAD, maintains In-house documented

Quality Standards as well as maintains ISO 9001 Standards.  All our Products, Items and components are fully traceable and comes with appropriate documents such as FAA-8130-3, EASA F1 Releases / Dual Releases and OEMs Certificate of Conformance.